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    Whether you are a first time buyer, investor, or looking for a pied de terre have a look at this one! Totally secluded and private, this custom home stands out as a unique and refreshing offering. With 3 bathrooms, 3 beds up and a beautiful rec room plumbed for a wet bar down plus a large single car garage this home offers excellent value and utility while also offering a family oriented tight knit community to call home. Needs some updating has all impact windows newer roof! The open concept plan features quartz countertops and marble backsplash, new cabinetry with eating bar and computer station and new appliances. Buses, church, shopping, all amenities close by. Situated on 2 legal lots with a west facing rear yard backing onto a 3.7 acre natural park which offers panoramic views of the city and water plus amazing sunrises and sunsets. field stone fireplace, granite island and large hardwoods round out this beautiful home. Great Value!

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